Intuitive Guidance for Transformational Healing

We are keepers of deep wisdom and profound beauty. We also carry the heavy burden of our unresolved grief. To bring our gifts into the world, we need a way to release pain and relinquish the stories that no longer serve us. With the support of a community that knows how to hold, honor, and witness these acts of courage, we can transform and refresh our spirits.

As a guide who knows the way across the threshold and back, I am here to help you answer your soul’s calling, discover your true purpose, and embrace your intuitive ability to heal.

Unlock intuitive guidance and metaphoric symbols of your inner journey.

Discover and strengthen your connection to spirit, ancestors, and the earth.

Create new visions and practices for a whole and abundant life.

Start your healing journey and free yourself to live a new way.

TEDxBend: Deep Grief & Divine Ceremony