The ancient framework for community is ceremony and ritual. How do you release your grief and refresh your spirit? How do you honor your ancestors and connect to the earth? Ritual anchors us in the cycles of nature and allows us to honor our beginnings, transitions, and endings. 

When we join together in ritual and ceremony, we create a sacred container where our deepest feelings can be witnessed, honored and released. We are reminded that we are not alone, and that community is our greatest resource for healing.

Every ritual involves the human salves – singing, dancing, storytelling and silence. These are the anointment of connection. When we sing together, we celebrate our individual and collective voice. When we dance, we move to the natural rhythms of life. When we tell our stories, we feel our shared humanity. When we sit with silence, we connect with the Source in all. 


We have an instinctive need for ritual, but may have forgotten how to welcome it back into our lives. I lead personalized rituals and ceremonies of all kinds:

Rites of passage
Grief release
Wedding ceremonies
House blessings
Energetic space clearings
Solstice gatherings