What archetypal energies are at play in your life? How can you overcome challenges obstructing your path? What are the unseen opportunities before you? What is the map of your soul’s journey?

The truth is that the cards never lie. As a reader for over 35 years, I continue to be amazed by the depth of wisdom the Tarot offers. When you pull your cards, the symbols and archetypes you have instinctively chosen open you up to new metaphors and language for considering your experiences. My role as a channeler and interpreter is to help you understand how those energies are at work in your life. Tarot readings can provide insights into any circumstance, including:

Soul templates and gifts
Relationship challenges
Career decisions
Thresholds and transitions
Endings and closure
Past life karma

Palmistry reveals a map of your soul’s destiny and choices as well as your character traits, gifts, talents, and personality. I studied this ancient art under the tutelage of Amarjit Singh Modi, who taught me how to blend its science with my own intuitive guidance.

An in-depth palm reading can help you understand why you came here and what you came to do in this lifetime.

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  • Individual Reading
    Tarot or palm reading focused on either general or specific questions. These are most powerful on birthdays and at critical transitions, thresholds or endings.
    $175 per session
    1 ½ hours

  • Relationship Reading
    Tarot reading focused on the dynamics, lessons and energies of relationship where both people are present.  
    2 hours